Welcome to Zelter, a new crafting survival game. The zombie apocalypse is a tough situation to overcome, even if it takes place in a cute pixelated universe! Try to defend your home and save people from the hordes of zombies.


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Zelter official website –
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Outro Music: “Collide (Instrumental Version)” by Mikael Persson (Epidemic Sound)



  1. quick tips:
    Don't cut trees, they have a chance to drop sticks every day and don't grow back when you cut them down. Just do a run through of your little area for sticks and apples every morning and evening for an unending supply.

    Before you try to get things like bigger backpacks etc… smash all the vehicles for iron scraps and work you way up the tech tree till you get better guns before you get sidetracked with something else or go exploring too far in town. The pistol is just about worthless. Keep the crossbow because you can craft more arrows on the fly if you run out of ammunition. When you get a better gun, make about three hundred rounds before you head deeper into town to handle the hordes.

    Never lead a horde back to your base.

  2. This game looks nice, love the pixels, love the dancing loading cat and love the video. It seems like a mix between don't starve and stardew valley. Awesome like always Koko, I'm happy to have time again to watch your vids.


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