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  1. Edit: Microsoft announced Halo Master Chief Collection coming to PC on steam and windows store. No release date yet. Obviously huge news, I was talking about it all week with friends and then totally forgot to include it in the news. doh…

  2. Maybe I'm out of line to suggest. But recently a major player and youtuber for ark was banned but unbanned after community outrage it's really too much to fix just look up HOD gaming and #FreeHOD on twitch anyways the issue we as a community need more awareness to is the meshing which is when people go under the map or into a wall of a cave and attack your base from the safety of the ingame walls and the devs arent doing much about it just putting this out there so maybe we can get it fixed

  3. Should they region lock China just like other games they did? Because I am tired playing in ASIA full of cheaters. Not one, not twice, not thrice, but 12 matches with cheaters in a span of approximately 30 games.

  4. I legit went to a cyber cafe playing a PC for the first time other than a console. First game of Apex I got killed by a speed hacker. 2nd game while I was skydiving a speed hacker just went flying to the place far away with higher loot circle.

    Even though PC is superior I’m sticking with the console to be more safer if playing this game.

  5. Nobody cares about BfV, all you shitty youtubers ruined game with ur dumbass suggestions. Reason none of you even play ur self except for a video, Gratz EA should ty for helping them lose millions.

  6. Region lock should still happen. Also I think MMR would assist as well, maybe even going as far as a level 40 requirement to play in a "ranked" setting. Would make cheating harder in the long term and give devs more tools/data to review cheaters with.

  7. about cheaters. something new should be tried .you cant beat them ? make them join .. no not like you join them … as a dev you be sneaky too .

    let me explain . remove anticheat … so cheaters could develop their own cheating engine very easy . but add a cheating detector . mark the cheating player without letting him know . next step , put them in the same match . they have their own matchmaking pool so they play against eachother . i think that would solve the problem .

  8. Apex wall hack is so hard to detect by EAC. You can't really tell if your opponent is using one to report them either. I was carried by two wall hackers the other day. They seems to be running to the next team constantly. In the last ring, they simply knew where the last opponent team were.

  9. Biggest and best news here is sniper elite 5 and v2 remaster. When v2 was first released i was worried the franchise wouldn't get enough attention to continue. I'm glad i was very wrong.

  10. BF% is dead to me, they will never give us the pacific theater, other armies, iconic maps. I see no point to play the stale old maps that came with the game. No Americans, japanese, russian maps, rip.


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