I was able to get together with some friends of mine the week MXGP 2019 came out and put some Motos together. Sit back and see what the online experience is like in the new game!

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  1. hello,i have this game in my pc and i want to play with my friend like you!
    what i need to do for that??
    i searched alot in the internet and forums but no one saying ther what to do.
    pleas help us!!

  2. Quick question if anybody has an idea, with Online gameplay do you think Milestone might add in the Bike Setup Management System on the Bike Setup screen b4 the online race starts, just lile it is in MXGP PRO? there's not enough time to adjust settings b4 it's time to drop the gate! They only give ya like 5-10secs that's it ! Any feed back wpuld be awesome, thanks guys, awesome vids SYS keep up the gr8 work!

  3. Wow, this game looks way better than it did in your first impressions video. Honestly my one complaint with the game is the whip animation. It looks good over the big jumps but the smaller jumps or big rollers where you are trying to scrub it looks kinda funky.

  4. Valken Suarez still my favorite track
    But I do miss the big roller section from the first game
    I always thought that can make or break a lap also it's just me it's just one of them tracks that I really like

  5. Use minimal front brake, roll on the throttle and you won't slide as much, pretty much at all really. The bike can only do what you want it to do, if you brake before corners, utilize engine braking instead of trying to power through every single corner you won't slide.


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